Meet Our Goal-Focused Promoting Leader, Chris Sausman

Goal-focused, team-oriented, and knowledge-driven, our Promoting Leader, Chris Sausman, has been paving his path to success here at Boston Direct since June 5th, 2018. Progress is a slow process. To develop into someone capable of withstanding life as a leader and entrepreneur, Chris knew that he needed to take his time, and over the past three years, he has gained the experience needed before tackling the next chapter in his career – management. Intending to earn this promotion by spring of 2022, Chris encourages his team to end the year strong and keep their momentum moving forward. Before he reaches this milestone, we want to spotlight his mindset. Why? Because our attitudes are contagious, and if you’re going to be someone who isn’t defined by comfort zones and wants to take control of their career, then Chris is who you need to learn from!

At thirty-five years old, Chris has spent years building up an authentic leadership mentality. Once done with school, he worked in Human Resources for the Six Flags Theme Parks. His time there was incredibly beneficial to his role at Boston Direct.

“This experience played a huge role in who I am. It gave me most of my professional experience and taught me how to interview and what qualities to look for in candidates.”

As a Promoting Leader, Chris frequently meets with our interview candidates to educate them on our company’s objectives, values, and clients as well as the position’s day-to-day responsibilities, pay structure, schedule, etc. Our leadership team has complete trust in Chris and knows that his keen eye will help us bring on the most qualified candidates. It’s the qualities we see in him that we know he is looking for in others – integrity, a strong work ethic, and of course, having a team mentality.

When asked what he believes his greatest strength is, Chris responded, “I believe my greatest skill or asset is my positive mindset and ability to keep anything and everything light. I do not let hard times or bad situations affect me or define who I am.” Have you picked up on a common theme yet? Chris isn’t someone who is affected by negative energy. He craves positivity and is always eager to be a source of motivation for his team, which they then replicate as they work to be more like their leader. 

With a desire to learn sales, Chris knew when he accepted our job offer that our business had the potential to be his launching pad for success. He couldn’t understand until later how much growth potential he was being offered. When meeting with candidates, we gravitate to those who share our mindsets, and it was clear from the start that Chris’ desire to gain confidence and experience would match well with our training, mentorship, and leadership programs.

“I really enjoy how I work with other individuals who are as goal-oriented as myself, and we all help each other get closer to those goals.”

Chris has his sights set on running his own business, and we are confident that he’ll be taking on this role in the near future. He loves our industry and is excited to offer others the same growth and mentorship opportunities that he was given. Our business provides entry-level workers a great platform to grow and develop their skills, and he is the perfect individual to take the helm and show others the amount of potential they have!

If there is one thing that our whole Boston Direct team can agree on, it’s that Chris Sausman is someone we want in our corner. While he is inspired by his mom, a single mother of three who worked tirelessly to provide for her children and support their dreams, we are in awe of him. His eyes are always set on his people, which is why his future is fail-proof. Alone, it is easy to falter, but when you are surrounded by a like-minded and loyal team, failure isn’t an option.

Like we stated earlier, Chris is someone you should be learning from. If you’re interested in coming in for an interview, email your resume to In parting, we leave you with these inspiring words from our future member of management.

“My advice would be to be open to anything. I never thought I would be doing something in this field as a career. All my experience and schooling were directed in other directions, but I am very happy to be in this field and to be making a career out of it. Be open to stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. By doing this, you will see yourself grow personally and professionally.”

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